Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby quilts

The first baby shower was squeezed into the lunch hour at work yesterday... 

They have two boys already, so they're super happy to be having a girl this time!

...she really like the little quilt I made for her...
This one pictured below began it's life as a way of not wasting any of the wonderful fabric I had been using in a project last year. When I found out that another coworker was expecting a baby this spring it seemed like the perfect beginning. She's gonna have a boy and actually selected this fabric from a series of thumbnails I put together for her to choose from!
I'm so happy these are finished....but I soooo love to have the fabric in my hands! OK, on to the next...


  1. Cute quilts, I love your color selections.

  2. Those quilts are really nice and colorful. I bet the babies who will be using them will be fascinated with the colors. Thanks for sharing.

    John Briner Art