Sunday, January 30, 2011


Reality...meaning I return to work tomorrow after many days off...bleh...

I began the day completing a few wall art quilts...
...may add a few more stitches here and there, not completely decided yet...

Then I had this idea for a project which I think will go over pretty well at some of the craft shows I'm participating in this, I sat down at my desk to write the idea's in my art journal...a little while later when I snapped out of my daydream, I found this doodle...not what I set out to do, but I like it!!

 I started my day with the perfect smoothie! It took me a very long time to perfect this recipe--you can't be lactose intolerant to enjoy it!! 1 serving has approximately 18 grams of protein and it's as thick as a milkshake--yum!!

 Get everything ready and put it in your blender, or in my case, Magic Bullet and whirl away...
 ...then enjoy!
Dinner was a simple pita stuffed with a combination of fresh vegetables and leftover chicken with balsamic dressing drizzled over it. Again, yum!
I was viewing other art blogs this week and saw several tutorials about how to make your own art journal. So, I thought I would try, and began by using some of the paper I had in my discard pile. I cut and tore the paper to make it similar in size, not exact, but I like the imperfection!

I punched holes and connected the folded paper together with jute. I then made the front and back covers with some pretty fabric scraps and I really like the way it looks...but, now I'm stuck!

I confused various methods for connecting the pages to the cover and now I'm not really sure what to do. I should probably hole punch both covers in the same spot as the pages, cut the jute and redo all three parts together...I'm going to think about it while I'm on my stretch of work days and decide what to do later...


  1. Hi Pam - I found your blog on Janeville. My mother grew up in Jackson Michigan, attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and graduated as an RN way back in 1938. I am also reading "The Help" - so I figured we had alot in common. Your art projects and food look great - take care. ellen gets crafty

  2. How interesting, Ellen! My family is originally from the south, but I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and went to college at Eastern in Ypsilanti. A brother raised his family in Jackson and I am currently an RN @ U of M!! Small world, right?! I have ALWYAS preferred ART--painting, drawing, sewing, doodling...and don't know why I didn't pursue that track in college, but...oh well--I am self-teaching now!
    Thanks for your compliments--that means alot to me coming from you--I admire your work so much. Later!