Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 Here we begin the first (and hopefully last) blizzard of this winter season...
I'm almost afraid to go to be...nervous about what it will look like when I get up...thankfully it's a day off for me, but I'm almost certain to get a call requesting me to come to work...eck, better get to bed pretty soon!

Ever heard of a pomello? I heard they were wonderful, delicious, exotic, extraordinary...I was eager to try one...I saw a basket by the check out at Trader Joe's last week--they just look like big, really big--grapefruits. And also, just to say, I'm not particularly adventurous with foods. I like what I like and don't eat what I don't like and typically don't really care to investigate any further!

But, there they were, an impulse buy near the cash register, so I grabbed one. It almost took 2 hands!
...just a grapefruit, right? But look at it next to a container of yogurt--an 8 oz container of yogurt--that's even big by yogurt standards since most are 6 oz and sometimes even just 4 oz!
But then I cut it opened...well, first let me say, it was very thick skinned! In fact, while the outside seemed softer, easier somehow than a regular grapefruit skin, it was still more difficult to cut through. And it was very, very thick, and strangely spongy...ewe, really ewe...the sponginess almost did me in!
But, when all was said and done, it was, in fact, just a HUGE tasty grapefruit!
Now I can say: why, yes, I've had a pomello in my day...

I will be posting some more of my new journal pages tomorrow, if (IF) I don't get call in to work =)

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  1. Brrrr! We have been watching the weather back east and it sure looks scary. I have to thank you for sharing your doodle page - it inspired me to show some of my mine! Keep warm.