Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fall Out!!

 A couple of the last pictures I took last night before finally falling asleep. No matter what they say in all the romance novels, I do not find it easy to sleep when the wind is howling and snow/sleet is relentlessly pelting the siding, nope, not rest-promoting for me!!!

 I forgot to take the morning "before" shots. I was sitting at my art table when my daughter came through and said her boss decided to open shop after all and she had about 45 minutes to get showered, dressed and be at work!! So I got all my winter garb on and shoveled out my Escape--her Pontiac is still buried!!
 Lucy LOVES the snow. She runs helter-skelter zig-zagging through the drifts with her nose to the ground like a snow shovel
 ...she's such a good girl! She did get tired pretty fast, though!
Well, I did the best I could...who said just because it's not a "work day" I'm not working? I worked my butt off for more than an neighbor joined me and we shoveled a clear path from the door to both cars and both directions on the sidewalk before we BOTH collapsed! Talk about hungry...I had some leftover teriyaki chicken, so I diced that and combined it with: Bermuda onions, red bell pepper, dill pickles, sweet pickle relish, sunflower seeds and low fat miracle whip. But, alas, something was missing....I didn't have any lettuce so I txted my neighbor and she provided lettuce and sprout mix in trade for half a sandwich!! Had to have the chili Frito's for good measure!! Perfect lunch after my morning in the snowy trenches!

Now to get back to my art project.
I was cutting up some too-thin book marks and making them into a mosaic pattern in one of my art journals...not done yet, but here's a look-see:

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