Saturday, February 5, 2011


 I wanted to make a special card for a friend of mine. This friend is a woman who, even though she has suffered some personal tragedies recently, still always goes above and beyond for everyone around her.

 This past week I experienced a horrific event at work and she stepped up and never left my side during the entire time, providing unwavering support and invaluable assistance. I cherish her friendship. I respect and admire her and wanted to tell her so...and to thank her, too.

So I looked through my scrap box and started sorting out fabrics and trims, etc. One thing led to the next, and ta-da!! What evolved was this artsy card!

I used my sewing machine for part of it and other parts are hand sewn or glued. The materials range from tapestry fabric and fringe, to cotton-poly blends, beads, trims and poly-batting. The card base is 100% cotton linen watercolor paper with deckle edges on which I used fine point ink marker to write a personal message.

I chose quilting cottons in 2 shades of green and cut a simple pattern to glue on the inside flap covering up the exposed stitches.
 I hope she likes it--what do you think?

Lucy and Bella snuggled up next to the desk as I worked
...aren't they cute!

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