Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bright New Day!

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

 The watercolor above is called: Cluster of Poppy's
It sold on my etsy sight a couple of days ago--the actual photo is not great, it was bad lighting AND it's behind a cello sleeve--I really should have taken it out of the sleeve for the photo!

The watercolor below was delivered yesterday--put it in the back of my sister's Outback on the way to the a.m. procedure appointment.
I called it: Another Poppy Monday! Always a favorite, it will now reside in a different home.

Everything went remarkably well yesterday--the entire procedure took less than half the originally expected time (miracle!! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!) and although the pain was a bit more than I anticipated, it was relieved completely with acetaminophen and I slept the rest of Tuesday away! I will remove the bandaging myself a little later in the day and expect no problems with that.

So, today begins my 2 weeks of lifting, bending, exertion at all--no raised heart rate, period! Other than that, I can do anything and everything.

I have not had this amount of free time available since I moved to this tiny little space a year and half ago, so I am very eager to delve into BOXES (and more boxes...) I have discovered tons of partially completed projects, discarded idea's and abandoned supplies--gonna see what I can finish.

The first thing I came across is this wood crate with several nearly completed journal covers--most with journals included!

Some are specifically for writing as the pages are lined; others are heavier papers more suited for watercolor journals...some would be great sketch journals, etc. This is like finding hidden treasures!

In one of the boxes I found 14 winter coats and capes for small dogs, awaiting a few finishing touches each! Good Grief, I don't remember abandoning those so near completion! I thought I had donated ALL the "dog coat project" to a fellow "freecycle" member for her project box!
Anyway, I just finished those and offered them to a group that has a craft table for fundraising at the local Humane Society. They haven't responded yet...

Thought I would include a picture of tapestry clutches I hand beaded and sold a while ago--these were so much fun to make and I have several others in various stages of completion...TBC =)

I decided to make chicken and some fixings to go alone with it. First I marinated the chicken breast tenders with teriyaki sauce (salty and carmelish like soy sauce, but sweeter)
...meanwhile, I chopped the onions and finely diced the carrots for later use.

I thought a nice cranberry bread (mix from Trader Joe's) would be the perfect solution for using up some apples and banana's that were almost too ripe...
 I sliced the banana very thin, then did the same with the apple, leaving the peel intact. I added chopped the walnuts, too! Cut super finely and after folding into the dry box mix just enough to moisten, I dumped the whole thing into a buttered and floured 9 x 12" bread pan.
Baked for 1 hour more or less at about 350
Meanwhile, I decided to coat the chicken lightly with just sounded good!

Then I placed it in the skillet atop the stove where the onions were already cooking over a med-low flame.

I know this pic looks a little blurry, but I think it's more because of the steam! After I turned the chicken the first time, I dumped the carrots on top and finished cooking.
Ta-da!! A little raspberry vinegar sprinkled on the romaine lettuce and roma tomato salad and it was truly a PERFECT meal--delicious!!

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