Saturday, January 15, 2011

She Follows Me

A long time ago I had a cat, Bootsie, that followed me everywhere. When I was pregnant with my first child we lived in a teensy house, it was all of 450 square feet, with a dirt basement. We kept the litter box in the basement. The stove was situated in a corner where the basement door and the bathroom door (we actually called it the bathroom library because there were two very large shelves behind the toilet where we kept all of our books!) met.

In order to get into the bathroom, we had to make sure the basement door and the oven door were closed. As far as getting down to the basement the bathroom door certainly had to be closed. Bootsie, the cat who followed me everywhere, would sit quietly and watch when I went into the bathroom. Then she would slide past and pull the basement door open with her paws and go down to her litter box. Doing that caused the basement door to be ajar enough to limit the range of the bathroom door. This was only "cute" until the day the size of my growing belly prevented me from squeezing out of the bathroom, so I remained pinned in until my husband came home several hours later!! The only good thing was that I didn't run out of reading material! After that we kept an old broom inside the bathroom so if I got wedged in again, I could reach around and use the stick to shove the basement door closed! That broom was used often!
When I figure out how to use my scanner I'll insert a picture of Bootsie so check back in a little while to see what she looked like!

Tonight I ran up the stairs to get my laundry, ran down the stairs, through the house and down the basement stairs to put it in the wash. I then put the drier load into the basket and ran back up both flights of stairs to the second floor to put away the laundry. I realized that my little white dog followed me every step of the way. Running in front and ahead, then turning around and coming back, then following me--right on my heels--no wonder she stays so slim, she runs everywhere!

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