Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Snow?

There is yet another coating of snow on everything this a.m...the photo above is the very beginnings of a fabric collage...I wanted to post the "skeleton" to compare to when I post the finished project...upcoming...
The second photo above is the beginnings of another clutch, the last of that particular fabric...can't seem to do just one project at a time...actually, rarely have less than "several" going at a attempting to put a number to "several" I find that it's somewhere between 5 and 10...prefer thinking of myself as a multi-tasker...I switch projects when my hands hurt or my eyes and brain begin to burn...can't just watch TV with idle hands, ya know?
And here we have the standby breakfast--yes, a breakfast of champions...well, this champ anyway!! Egg whites, cheddar cheese slice, potato shreds with red and green bell peppers and onions...never enough onions!! Have a wonderful day!

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