Saturday, May 28, 2011

Problems Posting Comments =(

Hi Friends! This is my buddy, Robin--he hangs outside in my little court. I think he may have a growing family close by...hope he isn't the culprit making all that noise in the eaves by my bedroom window...

Today is a (glorious) day off! I'm sitting in my pajama's with a hot fresh coffee and my new Jane LaFazio DVD "from art journaling to art" which arrived yesterday while I was working...can't wait to put it in the TV--yippee!!

Thank you Ellen for saying something about folks having difficulty posting comments on Blogger...I thought I was doing something wrong (as I often do when I'm so tired) and planned to decipher the issue when I had a couple of days off in a row. Its very annoying to have commentary continuously rejected when you've become so accustomed to it, integrated Blogging into your daily lifestyle. Is change good...not this time!!
So, I'll keep trying...meanwhile, if you're still reading, I would like to say THANKS especially to Ellen, Carole and Sherrie, for the wonderful, consistent commentary--it means so much to read your praise and suggestions, I feel like I'm going through withdrawal!!!
Well, I'll keep trying...hope this posts...crossed fingers...

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