Sunday, July 31, 2011

beets and other round things

I added some pickled beets to my salad the other day and ended up spilling a bit of the juice on the counter top! As I was cleaning it up I started thinking how pretty and vibrant the color was...

...just before lunch I had been sewing some unbleached muslin to the back of some art quilts I'm working little thought led to another and...

...and experiment ensued...

 I'll post the result when it's dry =)

 a recent watercolored sketch from my art journal, rubekkia a.k.a. brown eyed susans

And my very first recycled circles--made completely from fabric, no paper in them at all, but I'm very happy with them.

I purchased a Cloth, Paper, Scissors DVD from spring of 2009 and found the directions and examples listed there. Tonight after work was the first time I was really able to sit down and try to figure out exactly how to do them. Not sure I did it the "right" way...but as an artist, what does that really mean anyway?!! I'm happy and looking forward to using more scraps this way. What do you think?


  1. Aren't recycled circles fun to make? Your's turned out great. Can't wait to see the beet juice fabric, what a clever idea.

  2. You did good Pam! How would you set the beet colouring? I've used it in handmade paper but it faded very quickly.

  3. I just love the colors in your recycled circles -- they're so cheerful. And I can't wait to see the beet juice results.