Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 in one day! recycled (half) circles...
 ...I'm just really having fun with these!

 ...a going away gift for a friend at work...
 Ha! I'm the one going away, too!!!
 I love to read....reading is the best use of down time...I can't imagine a world without books...stories anyway... I make bookmarks with my rejected art...gotta have one for each book =)


  1. Once you stop having fun with your half circles do you have any plans for them? They are so pretty.

  2. Thanks, Carole! I absolutely love the "recycled circles" Jane LaFazio created using cloth and paper ( so I have been learning how to make them...

    I adjusted the technique a little while making a gift for a friend who collects bears-- I stopped short of making the full circle like Jane does; I think the half circles look like outstreached arms preaparing for a I'm calling them BEAR HUGS!
    I am building up my inventory of art quilts for an October show and I think these may work out well as a small wall hanging. Of course, if I give them away as quickly as I make them I'll end up with an empty table!! Thanks for the compliments =)