Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Angels Hear Us

I miss my was 5 years July 20th since she passed away and a few years prior to that when she became very, it's been a long time since Mom was "herself" but she loved crafts, simple sewing and gardening and cooking, collecting recipes and such...

 I miss her most during the holidays, summer...spring...mostly ALL the time...certainly anytime I have changes or new happenings, like RIGHT NOW, new job, new boss, new work shift...I MISS my Mom...

 One of my brothers called early this week to arrange a breakfast date for this morning and said: I found some more of Mom's stuff in my attic, you might be interested...and boy was I ever!

You already saw the first few pictures, right? I have been exploring and handling all these sewing threads and notions that were among my Moms favorite things...and buttons, many, many buttons!!

 As a side bar: I actually went on-line last night and ordered buttons because I have been unable to find exactly what I have in mind for a particular project that's been halted mid-stream...I kept remembering this collection of small white buttons...various sizes, shapes, luster's, etc., but I couldn't find them...I finally just gave in and ordered some that will "do" from a fellow etsy artist.

 When my brother came in with this big green plastic case I knew right away it had been my Moms sewing box. I cried. Then I explored. There were 2 trays at the top filled to the brim with spools of threads, embroidery threads, needles of every variety, patches, pens and so much more...including buttons!

Zillions of buttons of every color and size--I can't wait til tomorrow when I have the time to sift through carefully, but for today I rummaged (have to go to work!) Under the second tray is a large storage area, and, guess what?...can you see the red plastic container? Look what's inside... white buttons!!!! Crying again...

 ...simply zillions of white buttons of every size, shape, luster, with all the thread cleaned out of the tiny holes...some even on the manufacturers cards still...buttons, buttons, and more buttons...
I miss my Mom and I needed white buttons...
I think she heard me! I love you Mom =)


  1. Your mom is smiling down, so happy that buttons and threads remind you of her.

  2. What a wonderful post! Stories like this make me believe in miracles. I hope you get used to your new job soon.