Monday, January 23, 2012

Turning this frowny, cloudy day around...

Today it's gloomy outside...we had a thunderstorm last night, lots of rain and today is like early spring...not complaining about "early spring" but honestly, it's a's mid January and we have most of the winter in front of us. Heavy snow, howling winds, ice storms and power outages for Michigan, so waking up with yet another springtime headache is getting old...
more poppy's in progress...
 ...and I'm not having any of this today. I took PTO for a stretch of days off in a row and dog-gone-it, I'm going to be productive and HAPPY!!!! How shall I accomplish this feat? By being creative, of course!! Dragging out some UFO's and getting lost in paints and fabrics, oh my!!
(almost completed watercolor) "Vase with Rag Mums at Lake Bluff Inn" for sister, Phyllis
 My sister is mostly pleased with the above composition, but doesn't like the contrast of orangish background with "pinkish" tones in vase--prefers less pinks...not sure what I can do about it at this point...I would love to hear any input from readers =)
in progress for nephew, Brandon =)
 Planning to add a few more layers...

...and progress for nephew, Brandon =)
  ...maybe a bit more sea salt texture, not sure what else, then plan to frame and proud of my nephew with his new home, steady job and budding relationship...I'm making this set a housewarming gift--hope they like them

I WON!!!
...beginning of fabric composition for my very first "Bohemiannie Bag"
I'm so excited--I won a bag pattern from Bohemianni art!  I LOVE her work--so creative, uninhibited, eclectic and...BOHEMIAN!! Totally ME!!!!   
 But, I couldn't begin right away (so hard to have this pattern and NOT be able to stitch away...) but I'm on such a HUGE learning curve with my new sewing machine...first class tomorrow evening...I'm embarrassed to say: I (think) I finally know how to thread it, I teach myself how to thread the bobbin (or wait until after class tomorrow eve to begin sewing...again...)
 I have the manual, and use it...have even watched YouTube video complicated...
 The biggest lesson I learned with this GIGANTIC purchase?
Keep my old machine--my well used and perfectly understood friend with whom I visited on a daily basis, until I'm equally comfortable with a new purchase...just as a back-up...which of course I don't have...sold it right away and am living the regret...maybe gonna learn this techno-babe quicker since I'm having sewing withdrawal? Might purchase a back-up in the future when I have more next home =) just looking!!!
OK, so now I feel guys always make me feel better...gonna turn off the computer and CREATE!!


  1. I am totally thrilled to see the beginning of your new bag!!! Please be sure to let me know if you have any problems with the pattern! Awesome that you're feeling better too. Creating...or cre-art-ing...always makes me feel better!!!

  2. I hope your day turned out to be happy! Your post is definitely colorful and cheerful. You probably got the storm that we had a few days ago.

  3. Good for you Pam, turning a gloomy day into a creative one takes energy, especially with a headache. What a nice gift for your nephew! I'm looking forward to seeing how you use the fabric. Keep warm.

  4. Keep warm, keep painting and keep practicing on your new sewing machine. It's always fun to see what you are working on.

  5. As always Pam, you look to the bright side of things and it pours out into your art! Your pictures are wonderful!