Friday, February 17, 2012

I decided to hang my prayer flags over the door between the living room and kitchen so they get a bit of movement when anyone passes through--it's kind of cool to see them flutter a little!
 I've been working some on a few projects....
 haven't completed anything this past couple of weeks...
 but it's been too long since I me and the girls wanted to say:
Happy Spring...


  1. Happy Spring to you too!! It's almost time to start working in the garden - yea! Your prayer flags are very inspirational, a nice touch to display them for all to see.

  2. I've been puppy sitting this week for my daughter. I didn't know it would be so much work (let her out, let her in, walk her, dry her off, feed her 1/3 cup in the morning, a full cup at dinner, let her out, let her in, play chase, play catch, let her out, let her in......etc! Happy gardening to you!