Thursday, July 26, 2012

Memory Boxes Commission

It seems that they are fixes some of the problems with my blog...I can actually see the screen where I'm creating my post...

I just can't type there now...but...

I can always gab away in the "caption's" space, right??!!!

I'm confident that they'll get this figured out eventually...soon I hope!!

...meanwhile, I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures of boxes I painted using layers and layers of a variety of stains and acrylic-type paints and techniques. So exciting!! Gonna deliver them tomorrow...

these last two are extra's...might put them on my etsy sight...

...might add them to my Novemeber sale inventory...might keep for my 'gift' box...Anyway, so happy to be back, missed you all...hope this "fix" lasts...



  1. Hello, hello, hello!! It's so good to see your blog again. Everything looks beautiful, you have out done yourself with these memory boxes.

  2. Thank Goddess you're back online with your exhilarating colors and designs. I ran into the same problem (I think) with my blog and have had to switch to Firefox from Explorer. I panicked until I got it working again.

  3. omgoodness...these boxes are heavenly beautiful