Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

This is a picture of my daughter and me on Christmas Day 2013--the best Christmas we've had since she was just a little was a great day...a fantastic end to a year well lived, and a perfect commencement for the year ahead...

 I've been planning to restart my blog for some time, now...and today seems the perfect day to just jump right in there!!! I have a fairly new laptop and I'm still adjusting to Windows 8...trying to transfer pictures from my iPad and phone, etc...if I continue to wait until I get it ALL figured out, I may never actually begin posting, here I am!!!
 I've included a few pictures of bags, clutches and "made" fabric that I've most recently been working week I'll try to get photos of some of the paintings I've finished most recently, acrylic and watercolor...

 This eclectic bag with the pink fringe is one of my very least currently =)
The fringe was originally a suede big necklace! The lavender with sequence leaves were on a gauzy blouse I purchased from a yard sale...the bohemian bag pictured below didn't seem complete as an open-top tote, so I made a flap using part of what had originally been an art makes a better flap!

"Made" fabric results from sewing bits and pieces of new, vintage and repurposed materials together to form enough yardage to create something else! One of my favorite uses of the scrap/salvage box!

Have a great week--weekend. See you soon.

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  1. Welcome back!!! The photo of you and your daughter is beautiful!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your creative projects on line again!!