Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beginning again

It has certainly been a year of changes for me...adding some new, removing and/or walking away from some old...deaths, new additions...moves, deaths again, darn it all...but always growing stronger, cementing relationships and sadly, ending some as well...

I have also experienced too long of a hiatus from my art and now, suddenly I cannot find enough hours in each day to create the many imaginings that have been developing silently in my head!!

This past few week I've found myself jumping from painting to beading to drawing and watercolor...and back again!

I haven't made it to the sewing room yet, but the fabric is calling to me every day--especially in my "just before sleep" and "am I really awake yet" hours...ah me, life is good, every day is a blessing.

I have so much, I am so very grateful, I am happy and feeling blessed.


  1. You are so talented in so many areas, it is a delight to see your creations and to see you back on your blog!! I know what you mean by ideas popping into your head - it's so hard to find time when work, chores and life get in the way. Have fun with your art!!!

  2. I can't wait to see what happens when you get to the sewing room!

  3. Oh you seem a bit like me in your art - bit of everything! Found you via Sherrie and so nice to meet you.