Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creative Juice

Vibrant Autumn
View at my etsy shop later today
I don't regret breaking my blogging streak this time! I woke up around 6 yesterday morning and had soooo many ideas on my mind--I dreamed art, you see!

another couple of close-up views of Vibrant Autumn

Vibrant Spring
view in my etsy shop

Among other loves, I am a passionate gardener! I LOVE all things earthy, leafy,'s not a word, I know, I was going for a theme...anyway, I just breathe deeper with my hands in soil, touching leaves, pruning buds, etc. Actually, I feel the same way about paint, fabric, beads...ahhhh!!!
Anyway, combing my "loves" is what my art is all about!

another couple of views of Vibrant Spring

I woke yesterday feeling expectant and excited! I couldn't wait to get set up and begin sewing--so many unfinished projects. What's funny is that I always have multiple items I'm working on at the same time, all in various stages of completion. I can't just work on one thing at a time, too many idea's...too little time!! But, every now and again I get this feeling of urgency that won't quit until I power through and finish things!! That was yesterday!

I use my tiny living room for the majority of my sewing projects. Once I have assembled the base item, the embellishing can be done anywhere I choose--I simply use one of my "project boxes" (no pictures of these, yet...I'll show those in a later posting) filled with appropriate supplies such as vintage buttons, lace, hemp, fabric scraps, etc. I can work in bed, on the sofa in front of the TV, at either desk, or even at a friends house when we have craft night!!
 By the end of yesterday I had completed assemblage of 2 retro quilted clutches, now ready for embellishments and 2 bohemian denim shoulder bags also ready for embellishments. In the middle of all the sewing chaos, I had an idea for a large project/carpet bag, so used my  all time favorite fabric (most recent favorite, anyway!) and put together a HUGE tote bag (will photograph soon) also ready for a few finishing touches.

Today I will be embellishing up the wazoo...well, now, that didn't sound quite right, did it?

...but you know what I mean...

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