Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Pastel

I inherited a large box full of pastel chalks and various accouterments such as blending wands and sandpaper files among other things. I mean it's a really large tin box that originally held size 47 Walker (original all around) walking shoes!

I desperately wanted this box, too. A very dear artist friend of mine passed away suddenly, unexpected and no one else was interested in his chalks. When I asked if I could have them, I was told, of course! They said: dad was the only "chalky" in the family so you can have them!

I raced right over get them and held them tightly to my chest as I was leaving. I felt so honored to be in possession of them. As I was walking down the very familiar path from the door wall to my parked car, I caught my foot in a tree root that I had NEVER come across before. My feet flew out from under me sending me to the pavement and whipping the tin of chalks wildly into the air as I fell. They came crashing down, the lid flew off and the chalks spilled every which way. My leg was bleeding from the knee all the way down my calf and even on the top of my foot. I had abrasions on both hands, too, and had this sudden paranoid thought that my (deceased) friend was trying to keep his chalks from leaving the apartment! A little superstitious for sure.

Anyway, when I got home I put them on the shelf and that's where they sat since last July until about an hour ago.

I dreamed about the whole situation last night and thought about it on and off all day today, but I finally walked over and opened the tin and--


Here is my very first attempt using pastels--I'm going to try different paper next time...I'm thinking this paper may have been a bit too smooth? I made some practice marks on a paper bag that was handy and it looked very cool, so I will have to try that again...

***EDIT*** I thought I would come back and tell you that when I was sorting through my bootie (!) I came across some of the twigs...from that killer tree root...that somehow ended up in the if I were truly superstitious, I would be thinking that the "tree" was still watching me...or watching out for the pastels...or something...just sayin'...

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