Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EGG-stra surprise!!

 Yesterday was a day off work and I started by making some coffee and leisurely perusing the blogs I follow. Then I thought scrambled eggs sounded like a good idea for breakfast...
 ...I'm thinking my daughter had too much time on her hands Easter Sunday!!!
 I wanted to post a few of the art quilts I've been working on; seeing them on the computer screen helps me get a better perspective, but I also enjoy and appreciate feedback from my blogspot peers!

I was gifted a large amount of fabric and notions from a friend at work recently, and found these delightful starfish appliqued onto a circle skirt! Aren't they sweet?
I thought they would be right at home with my fishy art quilt!
 Above is "Hill Street" I'm still adding stitches here and there...
 ...and this is "just one cloud in the sky" I was pleased over all, but the chalk outline and the fuzzy thread I used for the clouds bothered me. Then yesterday I had the idea to bunch up some light weight fusing, shimmery side up and some white tulle and randomly stitch it on....I like it so much better now, don't you?!
 ...not quite finished with this one yet, either...
 ...but having a lot of fun adding little embroidery touches...
And as always, I'm working on a pile of denim jeans I've cut down to make eclectic, one of a kind bohemian hippie bags!!

Now, I've done this since I was a teenager, but never considered it art until recently--isn't that funny?! A lot of work goes into these bags, from the development and decision making stages to the actual sewing!

OK, so now it's back to the sewing desk...actually, maybe I'll go to the other end of my kitchen and paint some more...I have a few really cool books I purchased from the second hand store that I'm altering for art journals. Now, this is loads of fun, too...

...ah, me, I'm longing to quit my day job....I just don't have enough time to do what I really want to do...what I know I'm meant to do...


  1. How cute is year I'm going to decorate all the eggs in the fridge to surprise my hubby!

    You are a prolific quilter! High Street is my favourite. The starfish are sweet!
    Brilliant idea to use the bunched up fusing!

  2. Show us more of the hippie bags! I love your houses, also. They really give off fun energy.

  3. I am so impressed with all of your creations - don't know how you find the time while working so much. Isn't it great to have an artistic outlet to take us away from every day stress?
    Love the little village quilts!

  4. Thanks so much you guys!
    Carole, I'm so glad my daughter was around when I discovered the eggs--she made sure I knew they NOT boiled--can you imagine!
    Sherrie, I posted pictures of bags I made a couple of years ago (already sold) 4/28 and will post pix of the new one's as they are completed.
    You're right, Ellen, this art outlet keeps me SANE!! Still, I'm forever yearning to "quit my day job..."