Thursday, April 28, 2011


What do you do when inspiration strikes?
Write the idea in one of your journals?
 STOP everything and go with it? I =)
I was searching through my fabric bins for something that looked distinctively masculine (to make a pillow for a bachelor friend of my daughters!) I picked up this beautiful piece of dyed fabric sent as a thank you gift when I purchased a book from Laura Wasilowski. Simply Gorgeous! I've been saving it for something special, so I set it I continued searching I came across this swatch if peacock fabric I forgot I had! Then I remembered the peacock feathers I ordered online to make earrings for my daughter (she has a thing about peacocks...I might have to post a picture of her peacock feather tattoo...another time!) Anyway, the wheels in my brain began turning and I had to run around collecting this all together...and voici--here it is! I think it will make a fabulous mixed media art quilt...ooooh, when can I begin to work on it...just wanted to I really plan to eat breakfast and get busy on my to-do list =)


  1. Your excitement made me chuckle. I get like that too when inspiration hits!
    Love your peacock feather/fabric theme and the yummy colours.

  2. Cute coasters. For the signature block, go to Bumble Beans Inc. I think it was posted yesterday - "ideas, ideas, ideas". It tells you what you need to do. There's no rush. Can't wait to see your block!