Friday, April 22, 2011


 I saw a tutorial on Alisa Burke's blog (
and decided to try it--these are my scrappy little eggs.  
 They were so much fun to do...I think I might add some thin gold ribbon...but, maybe not!
 Aren't they cute!!
 What a fun project this was!
 This is a small art quilt I completed today. I recently came upon a nice collection of wool fabrics and wanted to make something with a "scrap" from some of it. 
I also included some vintage buttons and a couple of flowers I cut from some vintage cotton fabric...I'm pleased with how it turned out.
 ...above and below are a couple of crazy patches I've been toying with...not done yet...


  1. Your eggs are very festive! I've been working on some scrap pieces too - they are harder than I thought. I like your choice of bright colors, can't wait to see your finished art. HAPPY EASTER!!

  2. Gold ribbons would look really cute!
    Happy Easter!