Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 I needed to get away from feeling of failure that's settled in since I've been working on the Ann Arbor Collage (in the past couple of posts) I'll get back to it with fresh eyes at some point. Meanwhile I perused my fabric boxes and pulled out some projects that were in various stages of completion... was very satisfying to get them nearly done...there are a couple more that I didn't get photographed...what a feeling of accomplishment!!

 ...I have some hand embellishments to do...buttons, embroidery thread, string and lace...things like that...then the backing/binding and a way to hang them...then the story and signature and they'll be complete...just a couple more hours at the most!! yay!! Success...
...had a little more time on my hands so I began piecing the very small scraps...not sure yet what this wants to become...also the picture isn't very good--it was too much light or not in between with this one...time to turn in, 5 a.m. comes awfully early, and 12 hours (really 14-15) last an awfully loooong time...Take care!

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  1. Too funny Pam, my blog title for today was "Distraction"!
    You certainly accomplished a lot! Loving your colours and the cheerfulness of each piece.