Friday, April 8, 2011

What's old is new again...

 So today was about learning (still practicing but will be using this technique I'm sure!) pojagi--as shown in a great video tutorial by Vivika Hansen DeNegre (hope I did the link correctly?)

 ...also working on a few projects that have been around all winter...waiting patiently for my attention to return to them...

 ...and a couple that were started more recently...

 ...oh, and one other new technique I've been meaning to was the day...

...and a fairly new one, part of a series I made backgrounds for with a "found" box of larger scraps...teaching myself fusing and free cutting...and embroidery...but, I have to close up shop for now and get on with other scheduled events...never enough time in any given day for all the art projects I want to do...would rather be doing...see you soon!


  1. love your work! been cruisin' around all over here...glad ya' found me so i could find you!

  2. Very exciting! I love the snaps and cording and interesting edge finishes.

  3. Hi Carole--welcome! I work in spurts--always wanna have a few things I can embellish while vegetating in front of the tube after one of those crazy-long work days!
    Hi Wanda--mutual!
    ...Thanks, Sherrie, I actually forgot about those clutches! The next step is beading, which I will do...eventually!!