Tuesday, April 12, 2011

call for suggestions...opinions?

 I have been trying to complete a mixed media piece I'm working on for a friend (she is rarely on the Internet and I don't think she has ever read my blog, so no worry about her seeing this...). She is very passionate about her place of residence, Ann Arbor; she is, in fact, passionate and energetic in general.

I don't know if you saw the pictures I posted from the Pow-wow I attended recently (http), but she was there with me. She is also very passionate about Native Americans, their rights, art, etc. so I have used pages from a city magazine, fliers and other local advertising that would be familiar to her.
 But, I feel like I began running into problems with this piece when I made such a point of incorporating a photo I had taken at the Pow-wow of her and one of the Native American elders rounding the dance area together during the finale. I thought she would appreciate the subtle inclusion of her photo and be proud that her participation was recognised. But it began to feel muddy and elementary to me...maybe be I'm not able to be objective...I just don't know...

I would really appreciate any/all perspectives as I'm feeling stuck and too close to it.
My mom was raised in the deep south picking cotton and chopping wood among other duties, from a very young age and my stepfather was a carpenter. Both of them used corn huskers lotion and had no issues with callous-y or terribly rough skin (notice how I sometimes make up words as I go along?).

Working with a variety of mediums, I'm often washing paint, glue or similar from my hands and arms, then trying to manipulate a variety of fabrics that stick to the roughness.

Use Corn Huskers has made an incredible difference in my skin. And once the extreme stickiness is absorbed and my hands are ready to touch cloth, I don't feel like I'm leaving streaks of oil or perfume residue on my fabrics or other art.
Thought I would share this with you since it's made such a remarkable difference for me.


  1. Good morning Pam. I really like your Ann Arbor piece. I can't see the photos very well - is someone wearing sunglasses? I'm not an expert, but think some small photos along the bottom, not painted or collaged. Ellen

  2. Pam,
    The inclusion of the photos is great! You could try bringing some of the darker colours you've used on the top section down to the bottom or add more of the circles using darker colours. Or you could use Ellen's suggestion but cut the photos into circular shapes. Carole