Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orchids and Fire Fly's

 My daughter will be out of town on Mother's Day...I'll be working a loooong shift anyway...
 ...these lovely orchid's showed up on my counter top yesterday--my camera does not do them justice...they are breathtakingly beautiful!! I'm a lucky woman!
 I tried to do them justice with pencil first, then pen...trying to follow Jane LaFazio's instructions...
 I like how they turned out so far...watercolor next...
 ...but that will have to wait a couple of makes the artist in me weary...not to be confused with lazy...just fatigued to the max!!
 Oh, and still having fun with the wonderful lot of free fabrics I received a couple of weeks ago...lots of really nice wool and wool felt...also organza =)
 I have a collection of vintage buttons, but the one's I used for this fun little art quilt are very new, and plastic, but I thought more appropriate for the vibrant colors of the fabrics!
Approximately 12 x 12 inches, so much fun!


  1. Your orchid drawings are great - they are so hard to draw. Have a wondersul Mother's Day (hopefully not at work!)

  2. Both the real orchids and the drawing lovely.