Monday, May 9, 2011

remember how to: turn that frown, upside down...?

After 3 long and "involved" workdays that were pretty straightforward and maybe even...good...went downhill fast on the third afternoon, I came home drained and frowny (how do you like that word!)!
So, what does one do to shake it off and make the most of one's free time? ART, of course!!
Well, I searched through my denim stash and started creating!!

 No where near finished, of course, but really happy with the progress so far, and much more peaceful and at ease.
 ...just snippets of what I began...will log the progress as it evolves =)
After a good nights sleep, I started my morning with coffee, fruit and walk through the neighborhood with friend and dogs. Then I had the most fantastic breakfast sandwich, sans eggs!! I put a few slices of deli turkey in a skillet on top the stove and placed it atop an 8" whole wheat wrap after it began to sizzle. Then I put the wrap in the skillet to toast it a bit, layered in some red and green bell peppers and tomato slices and voici: a really light and tasty breakfast sandwich!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Stashes are wonderful things! I have all sorts of papers stashed away in boxes for future collages and paintings. Your breakfast sandwich looks delicious!

  2. Oh Carole, I can't tell you how very delicious it was!! If you lived closer I would be so happy to make one for you, too!!

  3. I love your snippets! Be sure to keep us posted as they progress. And the breakfast sounds delicious.