Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday BBQ

"It's really easy to find" she said. "Watch for the pink flamingo's!"
 ...and there they were...
...and here they are...page 2 of new art journal.

 I admired her gorgeous flower pot...
...so I made one of my own...no water worries with mine =)


  1. I love all of your recent work. I am so fustrated with Blogger, hopefully this will go through! Ellen

  2. Well, I guess I will be "Anonymous" until everything gets fixed. I am not that great on the computer to try to mess around. But, I have been trying to let you know for a week how great everything looks. I really loved the blueberry stained quilt - such a clever idea. Ellen

  3. Sorry to keep bugging you, but here I am again. I hopefully found a way to post comments. I tried not checking the "remember me" box on the sign in.

  4. ...no worries!! I'll be right over to your blog to comment--loving that I can finally post comments again...