Friday, June 17, 2011

Define Relaxing...

Who says a 2 day vacation can't be relaxing?

Mmmmmm, yes! A very good start--not the cocktails, the words!!

 0600,  dawn on Lake Michigan from third floor balconey at Lake Bluff Inn South Haven, Michigan.
 What's not to love!

 OK, stop messing with me, I'm trying to create my blog post...
 Can't ignore my sister for very long, she is definitely persistent!
 Cool paint eroding detail on wood rail...

Sun's up a bit higher, 0715ish, I hear plates clattering in the distance, smell coffee and bacon...time for breakfast...more pictures to come...later =)


  1. Cute hoodie with the cocktails on it. Lake Michigan looks very beautiful, what a great view from your balcony.

  2. Looks like someone is having fun! Time for breakfast here too. Have a good weekend.