Monday, June 20, 2011

Auto Woe's

 Boo-hoo! My car is in the shop--so much $ all the time, worse than a teenager! Filled my time today sketching and watercoloring using techniques I've been learning from Jane LaFazio's DVD: from art journaling to art.

...from a picture I snapped of a vase of flowers on the check out counter at Lake Bluff Inn a couple of weeks ago...

 ...these allium were in a lovely garden square in the middle of downtown Saugatuck. I posted this picture in a previous blog, but thought I would show my art journal version for comparison!

 ...please tell me you weren't thinking grapes...always wanted to go to the blueberry festival--won't make it this year either--can still hope for next year!

...from my daughter for mothers day...also posted previously... well as the inked over pencil sketch...but...

 I haven't shown the watercolored version yet...of course,
these were completed before the video arrived...I like them, but I can certainly tell the difference in the technique I used.  Break over, time for more painting--or maybe it's nap time--it is a day off, after all!!!


  1. These are wonderful - you should share them with Jane. Sorry about your car - always a big inconvenience when it's in the shop.

  2. Poor you, carless, but your sketch book looks loved!