Sunday, June 26, 2011

sketchbook play

 ...been busy working long hours...

(I edited and changed this one a little bit)

 ...then community yard sale this weekend...
 ...not enough sleep or rest lately...
 ...but made time to complete many sketchbook projects...
 ...what will tomorrow hold?
 ...maybe a BIG GIRL painting!!!
...definitely more sketchbook's so energizing =)


  1. Your sketchbook is really coming along. You inspire me to work in mine more often.

  2. Thanks, Ellen, I'm having so much fun with my art journal now! I can't believe what a difference a few suggestions make--especially beginning with pencil, moving to pen then finally to watercolor--so many more valuable tips--what a complete confidence boost!

  3. Making time from your busy days is proving to be very good for you and your lovely sketchbook!

  4. Your sketchbook pictures are wonderful and inspiring. I love the loose, casual feel to them. And thanks for your nice comment on my blog! -- Sherrie Loves Color (google won't let me comment)

  5. I love your art. I find it calm and happy. I love the vibrant and bright color. Beautiful and fun artwork.