Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fabulous Friends Retreat

Here they are, four of my fabulous friends...
 We stayed at Shaw's in Lancaster, Ohio--I highly recommend it--very clean and comfortable, good food, great service--lovely town. We had a blast.
 We had plans to tour a few places, but in the end, we spent most of our time visiting and laughing...and eating...I'll get to that...

 ...maybe we'll make it inside some of these historic show places next time!
...the likeness of Sherman...

 ...we thought they were pretty big, too...

 ...discovered this on the stones at his feet...scary? fitting?
 There were some lovely old churches...

 ...beautiful architecture...

There was a wonderful rock and roll concert in the gazebo during dinner...I forgot to get pictures of the band, which drew quite a large crowd...
 ...a Juliette balcony...
 ...cobblestone sidewalks...oh yes, it was very steep...we walked it at dusk... size statues...Libra, I think?

...and it was as pink and sage during the daylight as it appeared in the moonlight!!

We drove in to Columbus on Friday for an outdoor art fair...
 We all admired this woman's dress...very bohemian...
 There was such a variety of really great art--the artists were friendly and talkative...

 ...this gentleman graciously agreed to snap our photograph...several, actually, with more than one camera...he was patient, very kind, sort of funny, and all around nice to us!

 ...Sherrie gave the hula hoop a serious try....brave woman...
 ...didn't I tell you there would be food info...I wish I had taken pictures of each dish I ordered as everything was so good, and nicely presented, too.
 Yes, Virginia, that is a pork chop--just one, can you believe it? We couldn't!!

Eventually, it was time for me to pack up and bravely make the 3+ hour drive home...somehow I went slightly the wrong, you might say: how can the wrong way be slightly wrong? Either you're going the right way or the wrong way, right?
Wrong!! I needed to go north, and I was, in fact, going north...northeast towards Cleveland to be exact, which made it slightly the wrong direction since what I intended was north towards, well, MICHIGAN!!!
Anyway, as women will do, first I cried, then prayed...then I stopped and asked directions. I was blessed with the clearest directions from the nicest man who didn't even make fun of me once...he did seem amused, but I allowed that...I'm thinking he was entitled!

 Well, that wasn't the end of my adventures, no siree bob! Of course there was a detour for a "bridge out" in the middle of rural Ohio. Then it clouded over, all green like and began to sprinkle. I reminded the "Universe" that it wasn't supposed to rain until I was safely on US23 and good natured like, the sun came back out...and stayed for the duration.
 The detour took 1 hour and 45 minutes at 55 kidding...
 I absolutely cried again when I snapped this photo...home sweet home--almost!
 OK, now, home sweet home! And, still sunny, too!

The girls were both very dirty (while I was gone, they had rummage through some bags meant for the garage...ick! So, first they got a bath, then I it's bedtime. The end =)


  1. what a great trip - aren't girlfriends the best!

  2. Oh Ellen, it was honestly the best time I've had in as long as I can remember! It was sincerely peaceful and lighthearted--a weekend of treasured memories to be sure =)

  3. Trips with girlfriends are so much fun and always turn into great adventures!

  4. Pam, I guess we had too good a time for it to last all the way home. I'm glad you made it safely. We had a good trip home; however, the poison ivy has spread to all my fingers and now on my legs. I guess I will make a trip to the doctor tomorrow instead of playing bridge.

    I had a wonderful time with you and the other divas. Thank you for the pictures. I love them all. Can't wait to see you next year in Michigan.


    P.S. Maybe Santa should bring you a Garmin. "She" can be annoying, but she gets you there.

  5. I agree, Carole, there's just something about being with girlfriends that sets everyone out on an even playing field--no roles or expectations other than laughing and sharing--really great!

  6. Aileen, I'm sorry about the poison ivy--hope you can get it under control quickly. I'm thinking that maybe we shouldn't plan to hike the Kal Haven Trail nxt summer, just in case, not take any chances!
    The others will be en route today with everyone home safely by bedtime!
    Can't wait til next year!
    See you on the Spark board =)