Friday, June 10, 2011

South Haven, MI

 South Haven Michigan, the gorgous west coast which borders stunning Lake Michigan, the art coast lined with fabulous galleries is my favorite place in the world!'s still very cold...rainy, windy...

 ...and then the hot tub was too hot!!! Good thing there was a "cooling" hose near by!!
These cool looking flowers were in a public garden in Saugatuck, MI. 
So cool!!


  1. Looks like a nice place to be on a sunny day. Aren't those allium flowers? I have a couple in my garden. The bees love them.

  2. Your photos are beautiful - even though it looks really cold! Yes, your photo has returned - I guess it was on vacation too.

  3. Yes the purple puffs are Allium--just love them, too--they're so cool!

  4. Love sunny days! Peaceful aura with the nature is L-O-V-E. ♥ The beach, the seashore and the flowers are all perfect!