Friday, July 22, 2011

recycling, freecycling=win-win!

When I was in grade school, can't remember exact age--9 or 10 maybe, I got a battery opperated Little Homemaker sewing machine by Singer. Batteries were hard to come by so I think it ended up in the closet when the "Christmas batteries" ran out!!
When my kids were little I purchased a Kenmore in a wood cabinet--a heavy monster, for sure! But this White Jeans Machine was my very first REAL machine, paid for with months of biweekly installments.
 This Brother machine took over where the White left off--it was a gift from a freecycle program and has served me well...
 This--THIS is my new baby!! I bought this lovely Janome last week from an ad on craigslist from someone who was "downsizing."
I finally have a couple days off in a row so we're getting acquainted today. I'm thrilled, it does so much more than anything I've ever worked with! Can't wait to figure out the auto needle threader AND free motion stitching. Weeeee!!


  1. How exciting!! I keep looking at new machines, but they seem so fancy - I'm still using my $100 15 year old Kenmore, it has no decorative stitches and the feed dogs don't drop. Happy sewing with your new toy!

  2. Ohhhh that's a snazzy looking machine! I like the idea of an auto threader as my eyes are getting older now. The last time I used a sewing machine I ended up cursing it and hand sewing my little art project. Have fun experimenting!!!