Sunday, December 4, 2011

HOPE, HARMONY, JOY: tis The Season

 ...all this past week, as I was prepararing for yesterdays show, it was brought to my attention again--the various needs of this particular season...
 and appreciating the many blog artists creating and posting prayer flags this fall, I felt compelled to create my own visual reminder...a tangible, visual to myself...
 ...of blessings I strive for and blessings I am grateful for on a daily etenal HOPE is for JOY and Harmony throughout...maybe blasee, maybe poetic...certainly ME, though!!! Lets all HOPE for JOY and HARMONY for all and do our part to contribute positively!!! Happy Holiday Season--let the fun begin!!
 My brothers surprised my by coming to the art show yesterday--it was fantastic to look up and see their shining and proud (!) of my sisters was there, too, but somehow didn't end up in one of my photo's--LOVE you sis!!

 I learned a new technique recently while blog hoping the "tutes" and put my own twist to it...
 I also ordered some "polished pigment" paint pots from Lumin Arts and have been having a wonderful time exploring surfaces to paint on...will show you my new apron soon =)

 I might re-photograph this one when it's not pouring rain outside like it is today--need to get a better shot, this doesn't really do it justice...but still cool, doncha think?

Oh, and finally...BFF's!!


  1. Congrats on having your mini-quilts on Artfabik's blog!

  2. Thanks, Ellen--it's very exciting, for sure!!