Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a few more days...

collaged art journals
collaged art journals
 The art class is Friday...I'm second guessing myself, of course!! But, I'm thinking the key thing will be passion and excitement about the subject...ART!!! So, if that's the main criteria, guess I'm a shoo-in!!
 I've been preparing "art packs" for the participants...students! I have a sort-of goody-bag for each person that includes some artsy items along with
 Handmade *by me* Art Journals with collaged covers and recycled paper inserts! By recycled, I mean "rejected art" but that's primarily what I use--I just draw and paint right over the top of the last...whatever! And that was the basic premis I presented during the initial consultation at the center...so, I'm hoping it's still an OK jumping off point. I'm hoping to continue the art journaling theme and maybe make embellished boxes (I have dozens of shoe boxes at the ready!) for storing individual journal pages, collages and other loose works, also something I personally do...
  But, I did treat myself to a few new paint set...I went looking for a larger variety of color and JoAnns was selling these 3 sets for less than $5 each...in the end, I didn't have to choose--I took all 3!

24 gorgeous colors!

36 pretty colors!

pearlescent or metallic

 I also finally treated myself to an on-line watercolor class with Alisa Burke: Sketchbook Delight I. Initially I'm replicating some of the subjects in the lesson plans...but I find I'm already beginning to look around my house, neighborhood...work...pretty much everywhere I go I find myself looking with a different perspective--it's so cool!!!

 I have learned so much in such a short period of time--and I'm doing it from home, around my crazy work schedule for about the same $ as I would pay to be in an uncomfortable classroom with community ed! But this way, I don't miss anything if I sleep or work late or get delayed somehow, I just turn on my computer later! Sweet!

I've thought about taking classes online for more than a year...have researched, planned and then didn't commit...until recently...now, rather that saying: if, I'm contemplating which class to take next!


  1. Great post, full of colour and inspiration. I'm wondering about online classes too & struggling with so much choice. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have also been following Alisa Burke's Sketchbook delight. I found you via the comment you left at the end of lesson 4(?). I have really enjoyed it and I have signed up for the second on line class as well.

  3. Oh I meant to say that i love the paint boxes, I live in the UK so a JoAnns visit is out of the question but I have heard many bloggers say how good it is.

  4. Hi Indigo! Thanks for stopping by--I love AB classes--have taken Sketchbook Delight and Watercolor Bliss. I'm thinking about SBD II but have to wait for a bit. Have you ever shopped Dick Blick online? you can find simialr if not the same cake paint boxes and I think that site is very reasonable. Also deliver seems really fast. I'm having a tough time posting on my blog since the recent radical format changes, but got an email alert about your post. I'll look for you on the Flickr pages. Take care. Pam =)