Friday, March 30, 2012

"saying good-bye is such sweet sorrow"

 YAY!! I made a big sale!!!!
 Boo-hoo, I'm saying good-bye to some of my favorite art quilts! "Snake River" shown above turned out almost exactly as I first pictured it in my mind while I toyed with the "river" which was remnant left over from another project. So much time went into this one, and I just love the irregular shape and raw edges, too.
 ...Dragonfly' first venture with wool felt...
 My all time favorite, "Gypsy Autumn Leaves" it was really hard to package this one up and send it on it's I covered it first!
 "Beads and Buttons" my first "hug" using Jane LaFazio's recycled circles idea as a starting point, then adapted it to my own version =)
 "Pumpkin Patch" more wool felt...
 ...saying good-bye is such sweet sorrow...but...Good-bye!
...and here's the crew...mine and my neighbors: Bella in front, then Sera, Mosely and Lucy relaxing by the them all!!

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  1. Yay for you Pam! Congratulations! How exciting and what fun for you and your cheerful crew!