Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paintings and collage work

My Goodness, it's been a couple weeks since I last posted, but I have been busy!!!
I've been creating mostly paintings and collage's lately...
I was inspired to create this whimsical flower garden by a painting I saw posted on Facebook recently. It was advertising a paint and wine-type class being offered locally. I saw it and thought to myself: I could probably do something like that, I'm gonna fact, I bet the really vibrant shades of pinks and greens that I prefer would look really great! And Presto! Voila! I think they do! What do you think?

Next...I have always wanted to try a really close up view of a flower, sort of in Georgia O'keefe style!
This daisy was fun, but it didn't really turn out like I hoped...I think I'll try another flower...soon =)

Then I had this dream about marrying some of my metallic painted flower doodles with a mystical type water view in acrylic. I had several 14 x 20" canvases that I had already painted backgrounds on, so beginning was just a matter of selecting one. I "doodled" some flowers randomly on a map for added textual interest then painted the cutouts with various complementary shades of blues and oranges and highlighted them with metallic paints. A little modge podge held the flowers and leaves in place and added some depth.
I'm not sure this one is completely finished yet, so right now it's hanging in the living room and I'll just observe it for awhile. Eventually I'll varnish it and call it done!!!
I'll post some fabric projects soon. Until next time: Happy Creating!!!

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  1. As always, your creations are beautiful and full of color!