Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring in the Air?!!!

 With Spring in the air around here...maybe...I've been trying to finish up a few projects so I can tidy up and get ready for a thorough spring cleaning! The painting above is not finished--I'm struggling with the waters edge. It is now leaning against the wall behind my table so I can see it as I pass through the kitchen area...I feel like if its visible for me to study periodically, then eventually an idea will occur and I'll be ready to pop it on the easel and paint works for cloth projects, anyway, so we shall see!
 These whimsical flower paintings are two of several I have been working on the past few weeks...I'm done with them now and beginning several applications of varnish/finish.

And of course, with spring in the air most of us begin thinking about shorts and swim least, I know I do. So, I'm watching my portions, snacking and nutrient intake a bit more diligently again. This breakfast sandwich is fantastically filling, easy to make and absolutely delish!! I used high protein, high fiber whole grain bread that calculated out to 2 points each; soaked them in an egg white each then popped them in my waffle iron. Meanwhile, I cooked egg whites-omelet-style with onions and 1 point WW cheese, on top the stove in a stainless steel skillet. Then I put it together like a sandwich and enjoyed every last morsel...for a measly  5 points! I was very full and well satisfied! It's easy to alter using different items for a change of pace, just like omelet ingredients! If you try it, let me know what you think!
...and last, but not least...after completing a pile of sewing repairs, I finally am making the time to work on my latest quilt project...wonky little houses!!! I don't know yet, if they will be incorporated into a bohemian bag, a wall art or lap quilt or what...maybe all of the above! I'll keep you posted! Bye for now! xo

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