Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink, pink, boy you stink!!!

 I love making memory boxes...altering memory boxes is more like it...I typically purchase the boxes new from a craft or art store or vintage from rummage-type shops and sales. I paint and collage them and try to bring out a unique personality or perspective...customized sort of, to the person I'm making the box for.
 Anyway, this box is for a very special grandma; a friend who has been instructed by one of her son's, a first time father, to remain "gender neutral" to allow his daughter to choose her own direction.
 My friend will, of course, respect her son's much as she is able...which may be difficult since pink is one of her own favorite colors...but, she will give it her best shot and avoid pink as much as possible when gift giving and such, until, of course, the little one begins to choose for herself!
BUT, this particular memory box is MY gift for my friends--no one will even see it except grandma until, alas...grandma is no more!!! So, pink it is =)

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