Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trip to Arkansas 2010

There is a Householder family reuinion in Arkansas every year in September and our little "up north" group has never attended. Lots of history...politics...issues...involved that I'll highlight as we get better acquainted. But, this past year a small group of us rented a van and had a wild, whirlwind weekend trip to Arkansas and back!!
My brothers, Ken and Ron, picked me up at 7 a.m.
I was holding the camera---->that's part of my head in the corner!
We drove the 20 minutes or so to my sisters house.
and by 8 a.m. we were finally on the road!
A big part of the fun of this trip was hanging out in such close quarters with my brothers and sisters. We don't get to see each other very often anymore so, even though it was pretty snug in the van, we had lots great conversation, laughs and even sang some tunes!

 Rich drove most of the time but sometimes Ken took the wheel...

We stopped to eat and stretch pretty often, but didn't linger too long. We had little desserts every so often, too!! I rember how exciting it was to discover that Dairy Queen had a pecan pie blizzard!! It was thrilling when we finally crossed the border into Arkansas
What none of us
were prepared for was the size crowd that greeted us--it was a bit overwhelming!!

First of all, they rented a hall--I think it was actually a carpenters local or something! There were so many people there it was unreal, we had no idea! And there was so much food! There was an auction, a talent show and musical entertainment--some relatives even did impersonations--I saw Minnie Pearl going through the garbage in the ladies room--no kidding!

 She might have been a little embarrassed when she saw that I got a picture of that, but she recooped pretty quickly and posed real nice!
I'll share more of the Arkansas weekend and pictures of my brothers beautiful ranch and property next time. Before I close for the night though, I wanted to share a piece of art with you...

I'm beginning to dabble in acrylics and this was my first try at horses.

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