Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I was perusing some other artist blogs yesterday and came across one describing how she made her own stamps using various materials including pink gum erasers. I thought to myself...hmmmm, I have a box of pink gum erasers I didn't know what I was going to do with them, so....why not?!! I used my x-act knife, not exactly ideal, but it worked. I think I'll post a want add for some carving tools on our local freecycle.org and craigslist and see if anyone out there has some extras available, ya never know.

...so yesterday was Valentines Day...just another day for me...usually...but not this year...a friend of my daughters presented me with this lovely surprise...besides being nice, handsome, polite and having great taste, he is a very smart guy =)

My dinner was scrumptious! I made tofu spaghetti--whole wheat pasta, extra firm tofu, sauteed first, and grated Romano and Parmesan cheese. The sauce was a jar mix, which was really good. I prefer using salsa, but we're out. Didn't matter, it was awesome!

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  1. Hi Pamela, Making your own rubber stamps is just as much fun as painting. You canuse that funny foam sheet stuff too. Cardboard is interesting too. I scrolled down & saw your beach painting. It is perfect. It captures the warmth, happiness, the glow we all love about the beach. In fact you should do another for yourself. Much happiness playing with your muse.